Massage Services At Home Bangalore

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Massage Services At Home Bangalore

Massage Services At Home Bangalore

Regular Massage Benefits

Pain Relief

Regular massages help with pain management. The therapist can concentrate on stiff muscles and specific problem areas, loosening them and increasing blood circulation. This temporarily relieves pain from sports injuries, arthritis and other conditions. You may not need as much pain medication if you get massages regularly.

Immune System Support

Many studies have shown regular massages support immune system function and decrease stress-related hormones that can lower immunity. For example, New Jersey researchers found college students who were stressed about an upcoming exam had better immune system function and less anxiety when they received a massage.

Stress Management

Regular massages are an effective stress- management technique. Stress is often caused by being over-committed and overwhelmed with home, work and family obligations. A weekly or bi-weekly massage forces you to take time out for yourself for a pleasurable, relaxing activity.

Management of Emotional Disorders

Massage therapy can help you to manage emotional disorders such as depression or anxiety as part of an overall treatment plan. Massage is soothing, nurturing and relaxing. It can improve your state of mind if you concentrate on releasing negative thoughts during the treatment. You can incorporate visualization exercises in which you picture yourself in pleasant surroundings during the massage.