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ֱ provides measurement assurance for the biotechnology industry through the development of quantitative analytical measurement tools for nucleic acids, proteins, metabolites, and cell systems to aid industry in the deployment of innovative biotechnologies and advanced biomaterials.

What ֱ Does

ֱ standards and reference materials underpin advances in bioscience and biotechnology, contributing to human health and the U.S. economy.

ֱ provides: 

  • Quantitative measurements
  • Reference materials for quality control
  • Data for benchmarking
  • Leadership and technical advice for U.S. and international standards development efforts

We have specialized expertise in and equipment for measuring biological processes and systems, along with experience in managing the large amounts of data these measurements produce. Our work benefits: 

  • Clinical medicine
  • The biopharmaceutical industry
  • Regulatory agencies
  • The DNA forensics community
  • The mass spectrometry community
  • The synthetic biology industry
  • Equipment manufacturers

For example:

  • DNA reference materials accelerate product development and provide quality assurance to clinical test labs and manufacturers.
  • ֱ expertise in genetic testing supports cancer precision medicine and forensic applications.
  • The ֱ Genome Editing Consortium addresses the measurements and standards needed to increase confidence and lower the risk of using genome editing technologies in research and commercial products.
  • The ֱ monoclonal antibody reference material — the ֱmAb — is used by biopharmaceutical firms for quality assurance and to evaluate new biomanufacturing methods and tools. 
  • Facilities such as the ֱ Center for Neutron Research help industry members develop the expertise to use rare neutron scattering tools. Leading biotech companies such as Genentech, Amgen, Regeneron and Pfizer are part of the nSoft consortium, using neutron science to explore protein-based pharmaceuticals produced by living cells. 
  • In addition, ֱ provides matched funds to the , part of the network, and participates in activities of Manufacturing USA’s , dedicated to advancing regenerative medicine. 

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Industry Impacts

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Projects and Programs


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